He leads daily Heritage Trail tours around the QE2.

Almost everybody knows him because the walking tour is very popular.

He speaks several languages and this German based in Costa Rica is the most famous QE2 cicerone.

Quinones is always passionate, dramatic, and eloquent.

And a great dancer as you can see him dancing many nights in the Queen Lounge.

Gary Bembridge said in a 2007 post in the excellent All Aboiut Cunard Blog;
Thomas Quinones is the social host who calls everyone 'darling' and rattles off facts like machine gun fire. He has worked for Cunard for over 20 years and manages the activities in the public rooms; balls, parties, dances, bingo, auctions etc.
The picture of Pia Sosua captures very well his character.

Deborah did the tour and she told me about his best rhetorical moment:

"I will go to Dubai?

I will stay in Dubai?

...I am NOT sure!" said Quinones in a very dramatic way.

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Anonymous said...

Yes TQ is some character! Put it this way… Not must chance of going to sleep when hes talking! :-)