More pictures from the QE2 Heritage Trail walking tour with Thomas Quinones as the "solo" cicerone.

In the first picture, Quinones is in front of the Mauretania painting that has meanwhile been returned to Newcastle upon Tyne, and will not go to Dubai.

Pictures by Isabelle Prondzynski and Pia Sosua.


Isabelle Prondzynski said...

I am glad that you like my photo, and would gladly have allowed you to use it, had you asked. As it is, it was a surprise to find it here!

Please make sure that clicking the photo takes the viewer straight back to the correct Flickr page.

Wishing you enjoyment of your QE2 memories and of the QE2 pages you have created.

Isabelle Prondzynski

Anonymous said...

Thomas was a QE2 institution.
It would be great to get him back aboard when Nakheel open her as a Hotel.