Yorkshire Tea Jenny reports about today's QE2 events in Clyde and a 84 year old friend:
"Today when she made her final final (definitely last) visit to Greenock, MIL and I decided to go and see her. Mind you, MIL is a veteran for the Clydebuilt ships - she went to the launch of the Queen Mary when she was in the Brownies, and that wasn't yesterday!! Greenock was "mobbed" as they say here, so rather than queue up to go dockside, we headed upwards to Lyle Hill - and what a view - well for me anyway as it was a bit of a scramble. MIL is 84, and wasn't of a mind for a climb! So we drove down to see if she could see it, and a little lower down the hill we found a little park where we could walk over and get more photos. It was the most fantastic day - sunny and warm - unusual for this part of Scotland at the moment. We really enjoyed ourselves, and realised we had been away for two hours!"

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