We did it!

At 6:15am this morning we saw from our cabin the early lights of Southampton.

And the QE2 docked without any special sound.

Very smooth.

Very slowly.

The pilots, the landings, and the Cunard agents wete in the dock waiting for us.

We had our last breakfast at the Queens Grill.

We thanked Roslyn and Nick that were our best friends in the restaurant.

Denis was at the front door saying goodbye to all of us.

And at 8:45 the penthouse passengers were escorted to the terminal.

We got our luggage, and a taxi took us to the AVIS office.

The car was ready and we left the QE2 in the harbor.

Tonight she was sailing again, this time to Bilbao, Spain.

We spent a few hours in Salisbury, crossed Bath and just a few minutes ago arrived to our house in St. Davids, Wales.

Peter, that runs an excellent art gallery across the street, knew about our trip.

How was the sailing? were his first words.

A lifetime experience!


david archer said...

I have just returned home after the last transatlantic crossing on the QE2 - what can you say - an absolutley wonderful experience that will live with me for the rest of my days - to me the most moving moment was when the QM2 came along side off Ireland on the Tueday afternoon for the final farewell - the last time THE two Queens would ever be together at sea- it still brings tears to my eyes now as i write this to realise that i was there to see a great moment in History. All i can really say is thank you for the memories, it was without doubt one of the proudest 6 days of my life to be aboard the wonderful "beautiful lady" on her last ever crossing of the Atlantic

Anonymous said...


I was on the QM2 with my fiancee and our feelings were the same as we looked across at you all on the QE2.

This was our first time trip at sea and we know that whatever we do for any future trips we will never share the company of such a great companion. Truly memorable.


Rob & Lynn