I am going to start a second round of posts about the QE2 Last Crossing with new pictures, videos and links to other blogs and websites.

If you have found anything interesting please let me know and I will be more than happy to add these new content in the next few days.

I am looking for comments of fellow passengers from the QE2 and QM2, in order to have views from both sides.

It was very impressive the hundreds of flash lights from the QM2 when we were leaving New York.

There must be incredible pictures and videos of those moments.
In the picture, the view of the QE2 docking in Southampton from our cabin's TV.


Dentybaz said...


Great idea - I have been following your site both before and since crossing from New York in tandem Eastbound on QM2. Thanks for all the hard work you have been putting in, this is a great site.

We will upload some photos from the trip and the QE2 last visit to Liverpool.

Rob & Lynn

The Spirit of Lakeshore said...

Hello Juan:

I am sorry I didn't find you onboard. We were in the Britannia Restaurant. When I get sorted out I will share photographs with you and perhaps some video. I believe we have pictures of Tam running on deck. Of course. I didn't know who he was until I read your wonderful blog. I have not updated my blog yet.

Take care

April MacDonell

The Spirit of Lakeshore said...

Hello Juan:

I posted a slideshow on YouTube called QE2-Time to say Goodbye. It is our personal view of life onboard during her final transatlantic crossing. It is difficult to capture everything in pictures. I think your young boy is in it.


I still haven't updated my blog yet. There is no blog like yours for this topic.

I have about four pictures I could send you if you wish. My email address is amacdonell@sympatico.ca

Warm regards

April MacDonell