Women's fashion on board the steamships in 1921 according to Julia Marquis:

At this season of the year a woman preparing to travel abroad must consider with a capital C her comfort.

To be adequately outfitted for the trip the warmest of outer wraps are essential.

Even if madam be luxuriously inclined, caring to rest and while away the interim on shipboard with what amusements her stateroom, the lounges and card rooms offer, she must still have her moments of exercise on deck.

The athletic and outdoor loving woman will find her chief recreation as well as necessity in periods spent on deck, and will revel in them, whether she be battling the buffeting winds or basking in the sunshine when Nature smiles her best.

Brown and white tweed three-piece suit from DeVega, consisting of cape, vest and skirt.

The hat matches, also.

The shoes are brown suede and leather.

The stockings are brown and white checkerboard weave.

This is just what creates a problem, for it may be that the traveler will not care to burden herself with much warm apparel later, if, for instance, she is bound for the south of Europe.

But she will find if she searches about a little that there are this season many types of warm outer wraps that are light as down and so fleecy and cozy they are an invitation to be settled into.

Perhaps the busy woman has had a call to hurry- across and therefore has not enough leisur( for the proper sort of choosing.

She will be likely to seize her fur coat and rush off, letting it go at that, with perhaps a suit for emergencies—to regret all the journey that she had not made some more suitable provision for her happiness aboard ship.

From The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

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