Where in the world is Tom?
is a fantastic blog of a young printer aboard the QE2

Tom travels the globe aboard the QE2 and writes about life in the ship, ports of call, food...

He just arrived today to Southampton and reports:
Well after a successful 3 week cruise we are back in Southampton. I

t was great to be on American soil and catch up with friends and family.

It was also very nice to use my cell phone for once.

Unfortunately I am having some technical difficulties and therefore I won't be posting any pics or videos this time.

I will be sure to get things sorted for the next time.

We are now headed off on what will be one of our most extravagant voyages.

The "British Isles" cruise will bring us all around the UK as a final send off to the QE2.

There are plenty of special events scheduled including lots of firework displays and such for each port.
Lastly this marks the fourth month of being aboard the QE2.

A lot has happened in these past months and yet there is still plenty left in the remaining two.

So time to get things going again and look for lots of pics and videos the next time I post.

Thank you Tom and see you soon!

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