A passionate and well crafted description of the QE2 for a Cunard Hotel Cadet:

The QE2 is like an old club one returns to time and time again.

The passengers seem to share a common view with regard to the art of living which to many other people may seem outdated.

I do not know how to put this concept into words; the ship is a legend for a reason and many of the passengers are legends in their own right, perhaps they attract one another.

I have never sailed on another ship where every voyage did not have the most extrordinary people onboard.

The passengers on the QE2 dress on a formal note not because they are required, but out of respect for their surroundings, fellow passengers, and for the simply reason it is who they are.

The service is understated and spot on.

The cuisine lives up to the Cunard press of the finest dining experience at sea on every voyage I have sailed.

The Queens Grill onboard and the penthouses are private and not on display which I treasure.

My final point is that the crew of the QE2 has such a tremendous pride in their lady and their duties, this is felt from the moment you step onboard.

Pride in service is something that cannot be taught or forced and is so very rare.

A vast difference than performing duties based on job requirement.

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