Chris Frame writes here about the key-factors for the fantastic reputation of the CUNARD brand:
"Consistency – Cunard is extremely consistent in their delivery across their various ships. While each ship is different, the delivery of the brand experience is managed with a consistent focus to ensure that both regular and new passengers’ expectations are met.
Simplicity – Cunard has suffered in the past, as mentioned, from a complicated range of sub-brands. The key to their ongoing success has always been to keep it simple – Cunard should deliver the Cunard experience across their entire fleet… which is exactly what they do.
Strong values – through the White Star Academy, the staff aboard the Cunard liners have strong values of customer service, ensuring that each individual staff interaction is met with the same level of professionalism and energy as each other. This approach has ensured a great word-of-mouth referral to the line helping strengthen business.
History – Cunard has identified that their history is an extremely marketable asset. Although owned by an American firm, their British lineage is reflected within their ships and advertising, be it brochures, websites or onboard collateral. This British-ness, along with their Ocean Liner tradition and century’s old values of service is essential to their success.

Loyalty – Cunard passengers (regulars) are fiercely loyal, and the company acknowledges this loyalty. Through their rewards programme, The Cunard World Club, the company rewards past guests for their loyalty. Cunard World Club members enjoy four tiers of membership, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Tangible rewards include discounts on future bookings, leather bound folders with the ship’s names embossed, personalised newsletters and World Club Cards. But, it is the experience that makes this club so marketable. Onboard, guests receive invitations to exclusive parties, as well as status symbols such as gold plated pins for their dinner jackets, and personalised service with the Cunard World Club staff remembering them by name.
And finally… Individuality – Cunard offers different experience to what you get on a cruise ship. Their ships are built differently, and their itineraries reflect their different outlook. Direct Atlantic crossings aboard liners with an almost air of elegance allows Cunard to stand out. Their liners can conquer the roughest seas in comfort allowing passengers to experience destinations that other cruise ships can not offer… indeed, the destination has become the ship itself.

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