An amazing list with the food provisions on an Ocean Liner circa 1890.

In the picture, the Dining Room of the New York.

As you can see, fresh beef was the main food.

20,000 pounds of fresh beef (a portion of this, although all was available, was intended for the return trip, beef being cheaper in New York than in Liverpool)

Fresh pork, 500 pounds

Mutton, 3,500 pounds

Lamb, 450 pounds

Veal, 500 pounds

Sausage, 200 pounds

Liver, 230 pounds

Corned beef, 2,900 pounds

Salt pork, 2,200 pounds

Bacon, 479 pounds

Hams, 500 pounds

Tongues, 8 dozen

Sweetbreads, 200

Fsh, assorted, 2,100 pounds

Oysters, 5,000

Clams, 5,000

Soft-shell crabs, 500

Green turtle, 200 pounds

Turkeys, 50

Geese, 50

Fowls, 248

Chickens, 150

Squabs, 300

Snipe, 500

Quail, 500

Ducklings, 216

Wild game, 108 pair

Butter, 1,500 pounds

Eggs, 1,200

Condensed milk, 400 quarts

Fresh milk, 1,000 quarts

Ice cream, 400 quarts

Apples, 12 barrels

Pears, 10 boxes

Musk-melons, 100

Water-melons, 60

Oranges, 16 boxes

Peaches, 10 crates

Bananas, 10 bunches

Huckleberries, 100 quarts

Gooseberries, 100 quarts

Cherries, 250 quarts

Currants, 100 pounds

Grapes, 75 pounds

Lemons, 14 cases

Pineapples, 100

Plums, 150 quarts

Strawberries, 250 quarts

Raspberries, 250 quarts

Flour, 125 barrels

Potatoes, 140 barrels

Lettuce, 72 dozen

Asparagus, 30 dozen

Green peas, beans, tomatoes, 15 crates each

Brussels sprouts, 10 baskets

Crackers, cakes in large variety, and a quantity of pickles, sauces, spices, extracts, pates de foie gras, truffles, caviare, canned and dried and fresh vegetables, and general groceries in the most generous quantity.

About 500 other items appeared on her list of stores besides wines, spirits, beer, mineral waters, cigars, etc.

From The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

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