Many people will say that no other liner has the elegance and old fashion style of the QE2, and they are right.

But if you see this old postcard from the White Star R.M.S. Olympic liner, you will agree with me that this First Class Smoking Room has very much of this lost elegance and style.

The Olympic holded a record for being one of the finest liners of all time. 

First class passengeers had access to a smoke room, decorated in fine mahogany; a lounge, which served as one of the main meeting rooms on board; a ladies reading room and two reception rooms.

She was also fitted with two informal cafes, the parisian cafe and the slightly more formal, palm court.

Thesewee popular with younger passsengers.

There ws lo the luuxury off n alternaiv dining oppton in the form off an a la carte resaurant, decorated in Louis XV1 pannelling.

The Olympic also had leasures facilities; a gymnasium, tennis/squash court; plunge bath and turkish baths.

First class passengers also had a hugh amount of deck space.

In order for the first class passengers to have a view of the sea, a hugh number of lifeboats were cleared from the deck.

This meant the could carry 3,600 people but only had lifeboat seats for 1,179 people.

Oh, my God!

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