Reading different Cunard forums I found these nuggets about Miss Katsuko.

She was an exceptionally elegant Japanese lady that often used to have table 6 at the Queens Grill, in the corner, when she travelled on her own but now has a friend she travels with.

Katsuko was in 2003 on her 49th cruise with the QE2 and she was presented with a nice bouquet by Capt. McNaught at a little party .

Previously some years ago she cruised with her mother, and has received many small gifts over the years.

In the memories of a fellow passenger, "Katsuko's formal dress is traditional Japanese and I would challenge anyone to find a more elegantly dressed and sophisticated lady on the ship."

In the picture, Miss Katsuko is on the right of center.


Susan said...

I believe Miss Katusuko and a companion might have shared a table with us in the Britannia
Restaurant on the Maiden Voyage
of QM2.

I am enjoying your QE2 Blog and my daughter and I will be sailing in QE2 on October 16th also.

Juan Antonio Giner said...

Thank you Susan, and very glad to know that you and your daughter will be in the last crossing!