In Rob Lightbody's blog you can see images like these ones about how the QE2 will be docked in Dubai as a hotel.

He is right, the artist must have a lot of imagination or, yes, they are planning to add more decks and make serious surgery.

As Rob says:

I thought it all sounded good - a luxury marina development with the QE2 as its central focus, and the QE2 does appear to be floating.

But then I looked closely at the artists impressions of the ship and realised to my horror that the entire superstructure appears to be rebuilt in the style of the QM2 - many extra decks added on top.

This might just be because the artist got the 2 ships confused when doing his impression or they could be going to entirely rebuild the ship.

Anyone with more information about this unexpected metamorphosis of the Gran Dame of the Seas?


Rob said...

since posting that page on my website, I've been on board QE2 for 10 nights.

The captain made it clear that there will be a glass funnel, with penthouses inside, although the funnel will look vaguely original from the outside. Also, everything below 3-deck is to go completely, with the engine room etc. becoming a large entertainment venue.

The bridge is to stay, but pretty much everything else is in question.

Having said all that, all us QE2 fans would love to hear definite plans from someone in Dubai.

Juan Antonio Giner said...

Thank you Rob.

I will check with my friends in Dubai.