An Amazon reviewer of the John Maxtone-Graham's "The Only Way to Cross"

I have read many books before and since on ocean liner history, but I would have to say that Maxtone-Graham's work "The Only Way to Cross" is simply the best and finest crafted on the subject. 
His blend of technical facts and figures along with his witty observations on shipboard life truly gives the reader the sensation of being on-board one of these "floating palaces" at sea. 
Even someone like myself, born after most of the Great Liners were already gone, could get a palpable sense of shipboard life and could even feel whistfully nostalgic about these days long past, like I was actully there...no other book has ever left me with such a sense of longing for those days past as this one has. 
If you are at all into the history of the Great Liners, then please add this book to your library---it is the yardstick by which all other books on the subject should be measured; with most falling very short indeed.

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