As you know, the QE2 will be retired after 40 years of glamorous seafaring.

She will become a luxury hotel in Dubai, at the Palm Jumeirah resort.

I have been many times in Dubai during the last two years.

INNOVATION, my company, works for the Arab Media Group (AMG) and I witnessed the incredible boom of Dubai.

I am sure that the QE2 will be treated there like she deserves.

Work is about to start on a new berth for the cruise ship at a palatial pier which will stretch 1,000 feet into the Arabian Gulf.

Johann Schumacher, director of Palm Jumeirah, said:

“The arrival of QE2 is one of the most anticipated events of the year and we are proud to be the custodian of such a historic treasure. The world’s most famous ocean liner will form the focal point of an exciting new development that will be a spectacular and must-see attraction on Palm Jumeirah.”

Watch here a video about the Palm Jume¡rah development.


Rob said...

Everything I've heard is about major, major surgery to QE2 in Dubai. E.g. complete removal of everything below 3-deck, and complete rebuild of the superstructure with extra decks of penthouses, and a giant glass funnel with penthouses inside.

Even her vast collection of historic artefacts will be housed off the ship.

Better artists impression of "QE2" in location here:-

Link to my page about Dubai news

Juan Antonio Giner said...

Thank you Rob.

Yes, this is not our QE2