Cunard was the first company to take passengers on regularly scheduled transatlantic departures (Britannia, 1840).

Cunard introduced the first passenger ship to be lit by electricity (Servia, 1881).

Cunard introduced the first steam turbine engines in a passenger liner (Carmania, 1905).

Cunard introduced the first gymnasium and health center aboard a ship (Franconia, 1911).

Cunard held the record from 1940-1996 for the largest passenger ship ever built (Queen Elizabeth, 1940).

Cunard is the only cruise company to sail regularly scheduled transatlantic service year-round (Queen Elizabeth 2).

Cunard was the first cruise line ever to offer three different around-the-world cruises at the same time (QE2, Royal Viking Sun, Sagafjord, winter/spring 1996

The Children’s Playroom on the Arabia (1852) was the first room of its kind to go to sea.

Pianos first went to sea with Cunard in the Music Rooms of the early Cunarders.

Bathrooms made their first appearance at sea on the Abyssinia and Algeria in 1870.

The Bothnia also featured three ‘firsts’:
• the first lounge for women
• the first Library at sea
• the first system of electric bells

Ice boxes date back to 1856. Refrigeration came into use in the Campania and Lucania in 1893.

Rooms ‘en suite’ were first introduced in the Servia in 1881.

The Aurania (1893) was the first ship to have a Bridal Suite.

The Mauretania (1907) was the first ship the have a Regal Suite comprising two bedrooms, dining room,
drawing room, pantry, bathroom and toilet.

The Cunarder Lucania had the distinction of introducing wireless to the ocean. Marconi experimented
with his new invention in June 1901.

Mauretania was the first ship to have a dark room for photographers.

The Laconia undertook the first World Cruise in 1922.

The Caronia was the first passenger ship to be painted green.

Queen Mary is the first merchant vessel to be launched by a member of the Royal family (Her Majesty
Queen Mary).

QE2 - The first ship (and still the only ship) to sail 5 million nautical miles

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