Times online readers comment to this embarrassing moment:

"The QE2 is a magnificent old girl who loves life - and she's going to enjoy her facelift in Dubai, ready to attract an entirely new generation of "passengers" who will love her as much as we all did for over 40 years. God Save the Queen!"
Narguesse Stevens, Montaigu-de-Quercy, France.

"The 'obit ' failed to mention her role in the Falklands. Where would we have been without her??"
Chris, Shannon , Ireland.

"It appears that the bridge team (captain and pilot) failed to take account of the prevailing weather conditions. Shame the old girl had to go out like that."
R Bingham, Lauzun, France.

"Its been thrown away like an old doll. The last great Cunarder should have been kept in Southampton as an example of Britians lost maritine heritage. This is illustrative of the political and moral decline of the UK that we don't even recognise our own history we certainty couldn't build one today"
Ian, London.

"She is refusing to leave her home port! Oh dear, poor old girl. She is being sent off to a retirement home and is behaving like any grand old lady would. She stuck her stately heels in and demanded to stay here."
Sue Doughty, Twyford, UK

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